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When traveling by subway only : Distance Scale Rate

When traveling by subway only : Distance Scale Rate

When travelling by subway only
Category Card
  • Basic Fare: within 10km: 1,250 won
  • Additional Fare
    - 10 ~ 50km : plus 100 won per 5km
    - Over 50km : plus 100 won per 8km

* When using the subway in and out of the metropolitan area continuously, transit fare for traveling within the metropolitan area will be charged initially then additional 100 won will be charged for traveling every 4km outside the metropolitan area (Pyeongtaek ~Sinchang, Gapyeong~Chuncheon) 

(Age 13-18)
Basic Fare(1,250won) minus 350won and 20% additional discount
(Basic Fare : 720won)
(Age 6-12)
Basic Fare(1,250won) minus 350won and 50% additional discount
(Basic Fare : 450won)

When transferring from subway to bus

When transferring from subway to bus
When Transferring to a Bus
(Combined Distance Scale Rate for
Public Transportations)
Basic Fare Basic fare within 10km (Free Transfer)

*The higher basic fare from the two means of transportation will be charged.

Plus Fare Additional 100 won will be charged for every 5km after exceeding the
first 10km

However, the charged fare shall be less than the total fare of each means of transportation even when the passenger has traveled for a long distance.

Applicable Situations : When transferring between Blue Bus, Green Bus, Yellow Bus, Local Bus, and Subway

(Red Bus, Incheon Bus, and Gyeonggi Express Bus are excluded.)

Applying Method: Passengers are eligible for transfer privilege only when traveling with transit cards.
  • Passengers must tag the transit card on the transit card sensor whenever they get on or off.
    If passengers do not tag their card on the sensor, they will lose all their free transfer privileges.
    Under such circumstances, passengers will be required to pay a separate fare for each transportation mode they use.
  • Passengers will be subject to the total combined distance scale rates if they switch to other means of transportation within 30 minutes after getting off from the previous mode of transportation.
    If passengers get on after 30 minutes, it is regarded as an independent journey and a separate fare will be charged. However, when taking an early morning or a night time ride from 9:00 pm and 7:00 am, the length of time allowed for transfer will be extended to 60 minutes.
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