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Happy together with citizens 5678 seoul metropolitan rapid transit.

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The 5678 Seoul Metropolitan Rapid Transit Corporation does its best to bring you a bright future Thank you for visiting the 5678 SMRT website.

Our corporation operates the largest and most extensive metropolitan subway system in the Republic of Korea with a total of 148 stations throughout lines 5~8. Serving 2.7 million passengers daily with a total reach of almost 152km, SMRT stands at the center of Seoul’s public transportation system and is recognized as the world’s fourth largest metropolitan subway corporation.

Under the corporate vision of, “Happy Together with citizens, 5678 SMRT ” our 6,000 SMRT staffs strive to provide safe and convenient metropolitan subway transportation service.

We strive to implement and secure state-of-the-art technology, clean environment, safe and on-time operation, and a variety of convenience facilities for our passengers. We also ceaselessly continue to invest in keeping SMRT an industrialized, innovative, and customer-oriented corporation.

We have revamped our business to remain in the lead, and such a move has been highly recognized in internal and external circles. In 2007, SMRT became the first local public corporation to have been ranked number 1 in the business assessment performed by the Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs for 3 consecutive years. In addition, SMRT has also received a number 1 ranking in CEO assessments performed by the Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs for 2 consecutive years and ranked number 1 in the 1st Annual Seoul Creative Management Evaluation.

Despite all the company’s achievements, however, 5678 SMRT will continue aspiring to reach even greater heights. We will strive to grow into an exemplary corporation that continues to advance into a brighter future while taking care of the needs and requirements of both customers and employees.

Just like our new slogan, “Smile with YOU,” we promise to serve you even better as a corporation that always guarantees a bright smile on our customers’ faces.

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