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Use of Escalators Safety Guide Animation

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  • Do not move in the opposite direction of the escalator.
  • Do not lean against the escalator or sit on the steps or handrailM
    (placing umbrellas at the corner of steps can cause accidents and damage to escalators).
  • Do not lean outward or sit on the handrail.
  • Do not lean on or place objects on the handrail.
  • Do not run or play pranks on the escalator.
  • Please do not ride the escalator in order to transport strollers, handcarts, or massive luggage
    (especially on one-person escalators).
  • Make sure that no belonging or any part of the body gets stuck between doors.
  • Do not block the ends of the escalator.
  • Do not jump on or off the escalator.
  • Use the emergency stop switch only in emergency situations (sudden stops during operations are dangerous).
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