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On the platform Safety Guide Animation

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  • Wait for the train in two rows behind the yellow safety line.
  • Board the train after it has completely stopped and the passengers inside have gotten off.
  • Be cautious of the gap between the platform and the train when getting on and off.
  • Children and the elderly must be always cautious.
  • In the case of an emergency, contact a station staff by calling the number written on the station wall.
  • For the maintenance of passageways, do not place luggage at the ends of escalators or stairs.
  • Do not place luggage over the safety lines.
  • Do not push or run on the platform.
  • Do not go past the safety fence installed on the platform.
  • Do not bring freight carts within the station.
  • Do not step into the rail tracks.
  • Do not forcibly board the train by pushing or shoving. Please wait and board the next train.
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