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  • Listen carefully to the announcements.
  • Hold onto the handholds when standing.
  • Offer seats for the elderly and disabled
  • Provide space for wheelchairs in front of seats for the elderly and disabled.
  • In case of an emergency, call a staff at the number provided at the top of the door or use the emergency intercom installed at the front of each carriage.
  • Do not forcibly open the door in situations other than an emergency.
  • Do not lean or place your hand on the door and always look after children.
  • Do not use the emergency intercom in situations other than an emergency.
  • Do not bring objects or behave in a manner that disturbs other passengers.
  • Do not place hands or feet between closing doors.
  • Do not stand in connection section between cars.
  • Do not play pranks with handholds.
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