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Happy together with citizens 5678 seoul metropolitan rapid transit.

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The Main Character of SMRT(Saekkumi)

The subway train has been selected as the basis of the character design thereby providing an attractive, cheerful, urban, and futuristic overall imagery with the combination of different finishing touches.

Our character embodies the corporation’s customer-oriented service attitude and the strong visual sense as a leading figure in modern transportation. The face and body were so designed to make a positive, pleasant impression that best represents the cheerful culture of this means of transportation. On the other hand, the subway train wheel has been utilized as the character’s feet in order to portray the corporation's strong will to provide fast and accurate services as well as to depict the company’s goal of reaching new heights of advancement. The name,"Saekkumi" represents our dream and hope for realizing a clean and vibrant Seoul through the Seoul Metropolitan Rapid Transit, a future-oriented and environment-friendly mode of public transportation.

SMRT's Supporting Character(Railkid)

Railkid symbolizes the bright and powerful leader of metropolitan transportation culture,with its combination of the strong image of SMRT's staffs with a subway train.

The imaginary human form coupled with the train-shaped head represents the corporation's service to customers and the subway train itself, the central mode of passenger transportation. At the same time, the character's body symbolizes SMRT staffs, and also their customer-oriented discipline. - The name "Railkid" emphasizes the terms 'Rail' and 'Kid'. Rail represents the Seoul Metropolitan Rapid Transit’s rail roads, which plays a central role in mobilizing Seoul, the city growing as East Asia's economic hub. On the other hand, Kid represents each and every staff at SMRT who strives to create a revolutionary subway culture in the 21st century.

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